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While most visitors link Los Cabos recreational activities to sailing, snorkeling and deep-sea fishing, this eco-rich destination is also packed with other diversions that keep action enthusiasts firmly planted on dry land or soaring high above.

A Life of Adventure
If for you vacation gear includes a backpack and a pair of hiking boots, then Los Cabos is the right place. Known for its awesome bouldering, Los Cabos’ beaches and trails call on the experienced rock climber to remove the ropes and harnesses, don some hiking shoes, get out the chalk and conquer some serious bouldering problems — the term used to describe the path climbers take to complete a climb. Many bouldering experts actually recommend Lover’s Beach. Start your adventure right from Médano Beach. You can even rent a kayak and get to the area on your own, taking in all the sights at your own pace. Make sure to bring all the gear you’ll need for climbing and spending a few hours on the sand afterward. Climbers headed to Lover’s Beach can enjoy the challenges of Neptune’s Finger, as well as some large boulder formations on the Pacific side of the beach.

There’s plenty of hiking to be had in Los Cabos, too. When you walk along the back roads of Baja California Sur, the pavement and asphalt easily give way to a gritty but fascinating landscape. Terramar’s Baja Outback division offers a guided hike along the Sierra de la Laguna mountain range, tracing the paths taken by the local indigenous people hundreds of years ago. You’ll visit the desert village of Santiago, as well as the Santiago de Los Coras mission. Afterward, you will get a chance to swim in the refreshing waters of the Sol de Mayo waterfall.

If climbing or hiking aren’t your idea of a good time, but you still crave being outdoors, there is an array of activities to suit every passion and skill level. Consider hitting the beach and the desert on the same day by taking an ATV tour. Jump right into some good old-fashioned fun with your friends, traversing the Desert Park Natural Reserve riding ATVs. Make it a real adventure by going off-roading or bungee jumping in a canyon. It’s all possible with a little guidance from the fine folks at Transcabo, a first-class destination management company offering various activities.

Dolphin Discovery offers more than just time in the water with dolphins. Its Camel Quest adventure sets guests up on a camel ride through the oasis of El Tule in the Wild Canyon Park. During the quest you can embark on a series of challenges created to help you learn about the dromedaries — some of which are especially trained to handle children.

You can also explore the land on horseback. Terramar runs a variety of horseback riding tours.


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