Experience Arts & Culture in Los Cabos


By Sole Sastre

Courtesy of Gala de Danza

Every year, Los Cabos attracts visitors for its natural beauty, challenging golf courses, thrilling sea expeditions and fantastic food offerings. Increasingly, the crowds are also visiting for the wealth of art that can be enjoyed, from a world-class dance production to a weekly stroll through a historic neighborhood’s galleries.

Smooth Moves
Gala de Danza has welcomed elite artists from the music and dance industries to perform in Los Cabos since the summer of 2013.

This March, instead of inviting patrons to the show, the show will come to them. Mar Adentro Hotel will be transformed into a global amphitheater for audiences to view stellar performances from the comfort of the balconies to their suites — Champagne and canapés in hand. This world-class event will set a precedent among arts aficionados, who already consider the gala to be among the best spectacles in the world. Under the auspices of arts impresario, Christina Lyon, the artists and repertoire will continue to inspire and tantalize.

This year´s highlights include a performance by mezzo soprano Denyce Graves and wunderkind Angelina Jordan, as well as the return of the brilliant Lil Buck in addition to featured performers from Momix, the American Ballet Theatre and the Bolshoi Ballet.

Courtesy of Galería de la Victoria

Take a Walk
When the weather cools off between November and June, San José del Cabo kicks off its popular weekly Art Walk, which takes place every Thursday from 5–9 p.m.

The event was established, promoted and organized by the Gallery District Association in the hopes of drawing art lovers and tourists to the colorful back streets of San José del Cabo, which are lined with galleries. Now a well-established tradition, the main thoroughfare of Obregón is closed to car traffic on Art Walk nights to accommodate all the visitors who descend upon the small town to enjoy an evening stroll visiting art galleries, sipping wine and dining in the neighborhood restaurants.

Oftentimes the galleries will host special events, such as having an artist in attendance or holding the opening of a new exhibition. Los Cabos celebrates the eclectic, authentic and innovative with zeal so it’s easy to see why so many artists are inspired by this small corner of the world.