Ocean Riders

Ocean riders have become the most popular tour to go whale watching. The performance of our boats will let us explore more territory than any other boat in town, making the finding of the whales a sure thing while seating comfortably and enjoying the surroundings of this beautiful corner of the world.Not being specific on where we go, we follow nature to the Pacific Ocean or the Sea of Cortez, depending on where the action is on that specific day. The encounters with these magnificent marine mammals are unique with our boats getting you to the hot spots in almost no time; once we found them we follow them in their journey thru these waters and giving them time to entertain us, as they always do with their playful behavior. Baby´s being born, males being showoffs, feeding, breaching and playing the love game are usual sights we encounter everyday in our tours.

Address: Plaza Bonita (Hard Rock café & Liverpool) Next to the nowhere bar.
Phone: (866) 393-5158 / (800) 727-5391

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