Welcome To Los Cabos

In the 1950s and 1960s, Los Cabos was a blip on the map, known because of visits from Hollywood legends, who landed their private jets on a small airstrip and spent their days fishing, lounging and enjoying the privacy afforded by the remote location. Today, it is one of Mexico’s top five tourist destinations. Dozens of daily flights from multiple U.S. and Canadian cities, regular cruise ship stops and a highway expansion project have all connected Los Cabos to the rest of the world.

The increased travel demand for the area has also resulted in a wealth of hotel and resort openings, and most of these are handsomely appointed properties with an extensive list of amenities. Many of the more upscale resorts also offer world-class spa facilities and award-winning restaurants right on the premises. Los Cabos currently has more than 14,000 rooms available, and 3,000 more are currently in the works.

Once called the Aquarium of the World by legendary explorer and conservationist Jacques Cousteau, the abundant marine life in and around Los Cabos can be appreciated from the beach, aboard a kayak or with some snorkel gear. The local desert terrain is also an exceptional asset. To maintain these natural attributes, many of the resorts in the region have become increasingly sensitive to their environmental impact and have implemented practices to do their part. While coming of age, Los Cabos has fully embraced the concept of sustainability, and that extends from the business practices of the resorts to the philosophy embraced by many local restaurants. Farm-to-table dining is standard at many establishments, and freshly caught seafood has always been on the menu here.

Culturally, The creativity of Los Cabos’ artistic culture extends well beyond its colorful, well-lit galleries to include live music, dance, film, the culinary arts and various other events that express the diversity and spirit of Mexico.


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